Stakeholder Engagement

We value the opinions and insights of our stakeholders and rely on them to help shape our reporting. This year, we took a more proactive approach to stakeholder engagement and, more than ever, incorporated what we heard as we developed this report.

Reaching out, listening up

Our report is shaped by the people who use it—consumers, NGOs and shareowners, just to name a few. We also look to our bottling partners, customers and others in our system because we care about addressing their concerns.

Since our last sustainability report, the 2009/2010 Sustainability Review, we engaged internal and external stakeholders to determine what areas in our reporting require further explanation and clarification. One particularly helpful organization in our efforts was Ceres, a national coalition of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working with companies to address sustainability challenges.

In the summer of 2011, Ceres hosted a call with several of their team members, associates from our Company, and several stakeholders, including UCI Environmental Accountability, Walden Asset Management, CalSTRS, World Resources Institute, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, a member of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. Together, we embarked on a mission to understand how we can improve our reporting, and we intend to repeat this process annually. Ceres spoke to us candidly, noting specific areas for improvement. While we addressed the most reasonable recommendations for this reporting period, there were additional suggestions that we may pursue in future reporting or disregard if they do not make business sense.

We were asked to: We have included:
Achieve better content balance—successes versus challenges. Increased transparency of Company challenges and our role in global challenges. Clear language on the status of our goals: Achieved and In Progress.
Provide context and strategy around key external trends that can impact the Company. Related environmental risks, as outlined in our 2010 Annual Report on Form 10-K, and strategic initiatives to address these issues within the report.
Increase verification and engagement. Our first-ever Coca-Cola Company GRI Report. An overview of our proactive stakeholder report feedback session.
Improve interactivity and better use website capabilities. Hyperlinks to related initiatives, resources and Company documents. An interactive report providing a more user-friendly experience.

In addition to the session hosted by Ceres, we engage with our stakeholders on a variety of topics on an ongoing basis, nearly daily, to ensure we are addressing their questions and concerns whenever possible.

We are excited about the improvements we have made in our reporting. And we realize we have more improvements to make. We are striving daily to live up to our stakeholders’ expectations for transparency.

We want to hear from you

To send comments, suggestions and critiques on our sustainability practices and reporting, please visit the Contact Us page of our Company website.