Around the world and across our system, good things are happening. Here is the latest on our journey to sustainability.

Global Challenges

Some days, optimism can be hard to come by. But signs of hope are everywhere.

Meet Our Partners

Our sustainability efforts are amplified through partnerships with amazing organizations. Get to know four of them.

Stories of Hope

Four people, four projects, and four snapshots of what our sustainability work really looks like.

From Our CEO

Muhtar Kent on our vision and progress.

The Coca-Cola System

To understand our sustainability efforts, it helps to understand how our business is structured.

Water Stewardship

Reducing, recycling and replenishing our way to responsible water use.

Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection

Cleaner energy, greater efficiency, and a goal to grow our business but not our emissions.

Sustainable Packaging

Realizing the value of packaging. Here is how we are getting to zero waste.

Healthy Communities

Our business depends on communities that are healthy in every sense. From corporate giving to workplace rights, here is how we are helping communities thrive.

Report Parameters

See details on our report scope, stakeholder engagement, and third-party assurance.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our report is shaped by the people who use it: consumers, NGOs, investment companies and others. Read how.

Third-Party Verification

Independent assurance by FIRA Sustainability.

Governance and Ethics

Our policies for ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Our reporting meets B-level guidelines established by the Global Reporting Initiative.

Global Business Principles

Our reporting follows the principles of the UN Global Compact, the CEO Water Mandate, and the Millennium Development Goals.